About BeauRam

We are based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Our name comes from Beau, the French word for Beautiful, and Ram, which has several meanings. Ram translates to "one who gives happiness", and in yoga it is the sound made when chanting to the solar plexus chakra. Ram also has a double meaning for our founder, Stephanie Lewis, who is an Aries!

We have a passion for making it easier for people to live healthier lives by providing yoga survival packs to casual and dedicated yogis wherever they go. Good body and mind health uplifts us to happiness and contentment. The BeauRam Survival Pack is designed to easily carry all of the essentials for any journey. We want to outfit you with gear that supports your love for life, travel and yoga. Please check out our shop to find the pack that's right for you!

Grab your Beau(ram) and go!


BeauRam Stephanie Lewis Bio

BeauRam Founder Stephanie Lewis

As a native Oregonian with a passion for discovery and adventure, yoga found my wandering soul in 2009. It saved my life. Yoga has captured me, enlightened my heavy heart and brought me an immeasurable amount of freedom and understanding. I LOVE yoga. It has completely encompassed my inner spirit, and has shown me great awareness and compassion that I never knew was possible.

After becoming a yoga teacher I knew that I wanted to make it easier for people to live healthier lives. I believe that good health lifts us to happiness and contentment. People can grab their Beau(ram) and go.  Go everywhere!  Go to yoga!  Go to where ever this life is going to take you!

I am the founder of BeauRam Yoga Survival packs, I teach yoga and will forever be a student of this practice in life. I look forward to seeing you on the mat and with your survival pack adventuring this world.

Gratitude and Blessings! 



Give While We Live Program

With every yoga survival pack purchase, BeauRam donates one dollar to the Wounded Warrior Project. Veterans have have a very special place in our hearts. Stephanie's father was a Sniper in the United States Marine Corps, and experienced his heart ache and struggle growing up with PTSD at home. We work and do everything in our power to help, thank, and love our veterans. They have given so much of themselves to provide the blanket of freedom that we sleep under every blessed night. Thank you for your service and we love you beyond the stars!